All the people involved with Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project are volunteers.  The ability of the Project to accomplish its mission depends on the work of these volunteers and donations from concerned individuals and organizations.

Become a Monitor:
Attend the Annual Spring Training Workshop held in February or March, register to become a monitor, and work with a project volunteer bander who will show you a route and train you through the summer.  This commitment requires about four hours a week from April to mid-August, driving to your assigned route and checking 25 to 30 boxes once a week.  Monitors maintain records of their observations and report regularly to their assigned banders.   In addition to field training, banders serve as a resource for problem solving and interaction with landowners.

Help at Events:
A variety of roles need to be filled to make events such as the Champoeg Bluebird Festival a success.  Other events may include farmer’s markets and summer festivals.   Activities may involve assisting in  setting up and hosting an information table.  This is an important way to advance our educational and community outreach functions.

Install Nest Boxes on Your Property:
If you would like to participate in the project by having nest boxes on your property, please contact us at email@prescottbluebird.com.  One of our volunteers will contact you and help evaluate the habitat and possibility of bluebirds in your area.  You may monitor your own boxes or if one of our monitors is already working in your neighborhood, be added to an existing bluebird trail.

Make a Donation:
Make a donation today. Contributions are tax deductible.  Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The tax identification number is 93-1021520.  Contributions are used to buy materials and equipment to support maintenance and monitoring of nest boxes; and conducting outreach activities.